It has been nearly two months since Crystal Palace’s Scottish midfielder, James McArthur, had suffered his season-ending injury. However, according to, McArthur could be on cusps of returning earlier than expected.

Following the Eagles’ 2-1 loss to Bournemouth in February, the club announced that McArthur had torn his ankle ligaments. After the club’s announcement, McArthur tweeted out that there wasn’t a chance for him to return before the end of the season. The 28-year-old said:

Looks like season is over for me. Just another challenge in my career to make sure I work hard and come back stronger.

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However, the Scottish Midfielder is being optimistic about his return, claiming that he could return before the end of the season. McArthur commented:

It’s a slow injury and it’s taken its time to heal but the target is for me to be back in three weeks. I think it’s going to be tight, we’re trying to push it as much as we can but it’s got to be controlled as well. It’s not going to be a case of I’ll be ready to go indefinitely, but I’m doing everything I can to get it better so I can play as soon as possible.

McArthur is reported to be trying to stay optimistic over this time. He has found it troubling to be sitting in the stands and not being able to help influence things on the pitch:

As a player it’s the worst feeling in the world not being able to play and participate on a Saturday or Tuesday night to try and help your team, there’s that spot in your life that’s missing when you’re not involved on a matchday. I’m there supporting the boys and cheering them on trying to get a victory and I’ve tried to stay positive but it’s so tough not being able to help on the pitch. You can do as much geeing up and keeping everyone as positive as you can, but when the boys go onto the field it’s all them and it’s hard to influence that.

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McArthur is hoping to return in time for next month’s FA Cup semi-final match. He said:

Obviously it’s been a disappointing run of results but it’s about trying to stay positive and believe that we’re a good enough team. I think it’s all about that one win and if we get that win it’ll take all the pressure off. The game at West Ham is our next chance to do that, and it will suit us. No one will expect us to go there and win and it’s a great opportunity for us to turn the season around.

With Crystal Palace slumping in recent form, the return of James McArthur could result in some much-needed influence that the club is lacking. If Crystal Palace are able to advance in the FA Cup, most likely fans will see the 28-year-old Scotsman make an appearance before the season’s end.