Most Newcastle fans will remember the situation regarding Jonas Gutierrez. Back at his time with Newcastle in 2014, the midfielder was forced to take some time out of his playing career after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Fans around the world watched as he slowly underwent operations and began to recover.

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Recently, however, Gutierrez has expressed his feelings regarding the time with the team after his return. In an interview with The Guardian the ex-Newcastle player stated:

I think they feared that my illness would mean that I could no longer play at the highest level and they considered me to be a liability rather than an asset to the club.””This caused me a lot of distress given my hard work and commitment for the club in the preceding five and half years.

Not only has Gutierrez expressed his displeasure, but his mother has commented on the situation as well. According to Sky Sports the disgruntled Monica Gutierrez said:

He returns from his operation to have lost a testicle – from a hit on Newcastle’s pitch…he returns from that operation and they throw him out like a bad dog.

With the negative comments about the Newcastle staff, it is no surprise that ex-manager Alan Pardew was questioned about his time with Gutierrez during the crisis. He, however, had a much different opinion on the matter. As per Croydon Advertiser, the current Crystal Palace manager revealed:

My particular concern with Jonas related to the low number of goals he scored””He had scored only three goals in the 2010-11 season which, for an attacking midfielder, was well below what I would have expected.

Pardew explains that it was a matter of form and lack of an impact from the Argentine. He also said that he told Gutierrez to look for other clubs prior to the cancer diagnosis.

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It is hard to tell exactly who is in the wrong, but both sides have very opposing arguments. Pardew also mentioned that his relationship with the Magpies midfielder deteriorated as he less and less playing time was being given.

Both parties have now spoken out about the issue, and more words are expected to be shared over the controversy.