Andros Townsend’s brilliant response to a fake news story shows how social media can be used in a positive manner by modern footballers.

A report on Monday claimed that Crystal Palace’s players, namely Mamadou Skaho, had arranged a meeting warning Wilfried Zaha to give his all for the club.

Zaha wanted to leave Selhurst Park in the summer but was ultimately denied a deadline day move to Everton.

It turns out that no aspect of the story was true in the slightest, thanks to Townsend shooting down the rumour on Twitter:

Thes fans have been reacting to the winger’s post, with many hailing the winger for debunking the myth.

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Social media isn’t always a positive aspect of the modern game, with players often on the receiving end of abuse and their own off-field behaviour sometimes coming into question.

Incidents such as these outline its benefits, however, allowing individuals to kill a news story almost instantly.

Townsend deserves credit for his tweet, which put to bed a story that could easily have led to supporters thinking there was a lack of harmony between Zaha and his Palace teammates.

Was Townsend right to debunk the story?