In the English Premier League, a solid four leaders is defined. Crystal Palace, which started the season pretty well and had great games closer to the winter break, has lost its confidence, judging by its today football scores. Although it is difficult to blame the team for most defeats. The Eagles turned out to have a very difficult game schedule. In the 9 matches that Crystal Palace held in the new season, 5 was the battles with much stronger rivals.

Frankly, the calendar is difficult indeed, but it is in such battles that precious experience is gained. Given that in this segment they will play against the strongest opponents, in the future, Roy Hodgson’s team can get their points.

Before the football season’s equator, Crystal Palace will play about a dozen matches that will determine the team’s ambitions. The team often changes the tactics of the game:

  1. Sometimes they use 4-4-2 scheme when they need to play with the middle of the field most involved.
  2. More often the coaching staff chooses 4-1-4-1 scheme, a classic drawing of today’s football scores of counterattack. Busy midfield, everyone try to possess the ball, dagger attacks.
  3. The 4-5-1 scheme was used in matches against opponents who don’t control the centre of the field, which gave Crystal Palace the advantage to build its attacks thoughtfully, from a position of strength.

Often, the coaching staff didn’t choose the construction correctly in matches with top teams. Although there are no complaints because the team still showed strong-willed football.

Crystal Palace FC and its main performers

In summer, the club purchased the striker Jordan Ayew for 2.8 million euros from Swansea. The amount by today’s standards is small, but for clubs in the middle of the table, this is a decent amount for a non-promoted beginner. The Eagles had money. In the same transfer window, Crystal Palace fc sold one of the leaders – Aaron Wan-Bissaka to Manchester United and urgently needed to fill in his position. Funds were also allocated for the purchase of James McCarthy, a promising midfielder from Everton for 3.3 million euros, and the rent of Betis midfielder Víctor Camarasa.

The club is a vivid example of successful transfer decisions in terms of the fact that all players fit the coaching vision of the game. If a player somehow does not fit, he still plays the season and only then a decision is made on the reasons of his stay in the club.

Also, the humble Crystal Palace fc is zealously developing its youth academy. One of the evidence of it is the sale of Aaron to Manchester United for a record for the club 55.7 million. Perhaps in the future, this guy will grow into a world-class star and will proudly say that a modest club from south London paved him the way to big football.